Type of Riding Gloves

Motorcycle riding gloves come in various types, each designed to meet specific riding needs and conditions. The type of riding gloves you choose depends on factors such as the style of riding, weather, and personal preferences. Here are some common types of motorcycle riding gloves:

Street Gloves:

Street gloves are versatile and suitable for everyday riding on roads. They offer a balance of protection, comfort, and flexibility. These gloves typically have reinforced palms and knuckles for impact protection and are designed for a variety of weather conditions.

Touring Gloves:

Touring gloves are designed for long-distance or adventure touring. They provide extra comfort features like additional insulation, waterproofing, and touchscreen compatibility. They are ideal for riders who spend hours in the saddle.

Racing Gloves:

Racing gloves are specifically designed for track racing. They are made from highly abrasion-resistant materials like full-grain leather and often feature advanced protective elements, such as carbon fiber knuckle protection. They offer a high level of protection but may be less comfortable for everyday use.

Summer Gloves:

These gloves are designed for hot weather riding. They have perforations, mesh panels, or ventilation features to keep your hands cool and comfortable in high temperatures.

Winter Gloves:

Winter gloves are insulated and waterproof to keep your hands warm and dry in cold and wet conditions. They often have additional thermal lining and weather-resistant materials.

Off-Road Gloves:

Off-road gloves are designed for dirt biking and motocross. They are lightweight and flexible, offering good grip and dexterity for controlling the bike in rough terrain. They may prioritize breathability and impact protection.

Cruiser Gloves:

Cruiser gloves are designed to complement the style of cruiser motorcycles. They often feature classic designs, premium leather, and minimalistic aesthetics while still providing protection and comfort for shorter rides.

Adventure Gloves:

Adventure gloves are designed for adventure and dual-sport riding. They combine the features of touring and off-road gloves, offering protection, comfort, and versatility for various terrains and conditions.

Gore-Tex Gloves:

Gloves with Gore-Tex technology are known for their waterproof and breathable properties. They are ideal for all-weather riding, providing a balance between comfort and protection.

Heated Gloves:

Heated gloves have integrated heating elements that keep your hands warm in extremely cold conditions. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and are perfect for winter riding.

Gauntlet Gloves:

Gauntlet gloves have an extended cuff that covers the wrist and part of the forearm. They offer added protection and help seal out wind and debris. They are common in racing and sport riding.

Short Cuff Gloves:

Short cuff gloves have a shorter design that ends at or just below the wrist. They are more convenient for quick on-and-off and are often used for urban or casual riding.

When choosing motorcycle riding gloves, consider the type of riding you do, the weather conditions, and the level of protection you need. It’s essential to prioritize safety and comfort when selecting the right gloves for your riding style.


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